Your privacy and anonymity are extremely important. 


Please read this page carefully and direct any questions to the contact form on this site.

By using this app, you are consenting to the anonymous use of the data that you enter to be used for research purposes.


Length of Consent

Your consent to continue to collect data continues as long as you use this app.



All industry standard methods have been employed to ensure data security.



All data is collected anonymously. There are no user accounts and nothing to sign up for.

No information concerning your participation in this app can be linked back to you or the device(s) that you enter data from. There is no way to identify you.

There are organizations that may view and/or copy this data for quality assurance, research, and analysis.


Usage is Voluntary

If you no longer want to use this app and/or provide data, simply uninstall this app from your device(s). You may delete this app at any time.

By consenting to participate you are agreeing to allow your usage data and data entered to be used as research data.

If you do not wish to share this information tap the “I DO NOT Consent” button and uninstall this app.



If you have concerns or complaints or questions, the developer can be reached by looking at the contact form on this site.